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While many online forums and message boards do not seem to be fans of depo-provera as a form of birth control for women who want to get pregnant later on, if you go into the process knowing the risks and what to expect, you will be much better prepared.

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2,5 mg provera.

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now since some of here are experts already or have background about hrt meds i want to ask if i can take depo-provera medroxyprogesterone and progynon depot estrogen plus spironolactone 100mg at the same time.

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when taking progesterone or any other hormone by ingestion you would have to take several times that amount because of your livers attempt at disabling the toxic form of the synthetic version, medroxyprogesterone, also called provera or progestin.

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i mention depo provera only to tell you that i, like many other specialists in pelvic pain, would rather not use this drug unless we have no other choice.


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